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  • Chicken Drumsticks


    Includes calcium and vitamin C

  • Long Chicken Fillets

    • Low fat
    • High protein
    • No added sugar
    • Gluten free
  • Nesting Material – Coconut Fibres


    Coconut Fibres – 100% natural nesting material for cage and aviary birds. These natural coconut fibres are absorbent and ideal as nesting material for small cage and aviary birds. This nesting material is completely recycable and compostable and does not harm the environment.

  • Puur Hamster


    Gourmet muesli for hamsters.


    • With high-quality animal proteins
    • Yucca helps to combat unpleasant odours
    • The balanced composition with proteins of animal origin, added vitamins and trace elementswill increase your pet’s vitality
    • The prebiotics in this food also promote healthy digestion
    • Without artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings


    Includes: mealworms, sunflower seeds, bell pepper, puffed rice, grapes – pure & varied gourmet muesli – special ingredients tailored specifically for your hamster.


    • Free from artificial preservatives, colours and flavours.
    • All nutrients for a healthy and happy life.
  • Royal Canin Ageing 12+ 400g


    Balanced and complete feed for cats, specially for senior cats over 12 years old.


    Ageing cats have different nutritional needs than their younger counterparts; that’s why it’s important to modify your cat’s diet as it ages, to ensure that those needs are being met and maintained. ROYAL CANIN® Senior Ageing 12+ is suitable for cats over 12 years of age and is specially formulated with the nutritional needs of senior cats like yours in mind.


    This food contains highly palatable kibble with a double texture (crunchy outside, soft inside) that helps to stimulate your senior cat’s general appetite. ROYAL CANIN® Senior Ageing 12+ contains a patented complex of antioxidants that support senior cats throughout the ageing process. Thanks to a moderate phosphorus level, ROYAL CANIN® Senior Ageing 12+ also helps to support healthy kidney function, which is highly beneficial in senior cats.

  • Royal Canin Aroma Exigent 400g


    Balanced and complete feed for cats, specially for very fussy adult cats over 1 year old.


    Aromatic attraction – Some fussy cats are most attracted by a fish-based aromatic profile. ROYAL CANIN® has developed AROMA EXIGENT, a specific formula including fish protein which creates a unique aromatic profile, to stimulate the natural preference of these cats.


    • Optimal weight – Adapted energy content to help maintain the fussy cat at ideal weight.
    • Urinary health – Formulated to help maintain health of an adult cat’s urinary system.
  • Royal Canin Babydog Milk


    Babydog Milk is formulated for puppies from birth to weaning (0-4 months).


    For steady, harmonious growth, the composition of Babydog Milk is the closest possible nourishment to the mother’s milk, with high energy and protein levels.


    Babydog milk contains carefully selected, highly digestible proteins and has a lactose content very similar to maternal milk. It is particularly suitable for the puppy’s digestive system because it does not contain starch (puppies do not secrete enough amylase to digest starch). The addition of Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) helps maintain a healthy balance of digestive flora.


    Thanks to its exclusive formula, Babydog milk dissolves instantly and completely with no sediment, creating a totally homogeneous formula.


    The puppy’s nervous system continues to develop after birth. DHA, naturally present in maternal milk helps develop cognitive function. Babydog milk is enriched with DHA.


    100% complete and balanced nutrition.

  • Royal Canin Digestive Care 400g


    Balanced and complete feed for adult cats, recommended to help support healthy digestion.


    A cat’s sensitive stomach and digestive tract can contribute to a large volume of poor quality faeces, which can be an indicator of poor digestion. ROYAL CANIN® Digestive Care is a precisely-balanced nutritional formula that supports digestive health through specially tailored nutrients and a unique kibble design. The ROYAL CANIN® Digestive Care formula contains highly digestible proteins (L.I.P.) to make digestion easier for your cat, which ultimately contributes to its overall good health. ROYAL CANIN® Digestive Care also contains a specific blend of prebiotics and fibres (including psyllium) to help support a balance in the intestinal flora and regulate intestinal transit. The amount of protein contained is very high and is of a high quality to help maintain internal muscle strength throughout your cat’s body and keep stool consistent in quality, which also helps to regulate and reduce its toilet time.


    Additionally, ROYAL CANIN® Digestive Care supports healthy digestion with ring-shaped kibble that naturally slows the eating and chewing process down, minimising the risk of indigestion. ROYAL CANIN® Digestive Care has achieved clinically proven results: the exclusive use of Digestive Care was effective after just 10 days – resulting in 49% less stool production thanks to substantially optimised nutrient consumption and digestion.

  • Royal Canin Fit 32 400g


    For moderately active, adult cats (1-7yrs old) with access to the outdoors. Cats with access to the outdoors have higher energy and nutritional requirements because of the increased size of their territory and the variations in weather conditions to which they are exposed. Therefore, their diet must provide them with the nutrients needed to keep them healthy.


    ROYAL CANIN® Fit 32 is suitable for adult cats between 1-7 years old, and it’s been specially designed to meet all of your cat’s nutritional requirements for supporting and maintaining the healthy situation that your cat is currently in. Your cat needs high quality nutrition to meet all the requirements of adulthood – that’s why ROYAL CANIN® Fit 32 has an optimal nutrient profile that contains the right level of beneficial nutrients to help support and maintain the good health of your adult cat.


    What’s more, ROYAL CANIN® Fit 32 is formulated with a balance of beneficial nutrients – such as a variety of vitamins and minerals – to help in maintaining a healthy urinary system for adult cats like yours. Thanks to the inclusion of specific dietary fibres, ROYAL CANIN® Fit 32 also helps to rid your cat of hair and fur it may have ingested. This ultimately means that occurrence of hairballs is significantly reduced.