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  • 3-in-1 Brush Kit


    This 3-in-1 brush is ideal for puppies with short or medium coats. The plastic bristles untangle knots without pulling and massage the skin for improved blood circulation. The brush bristles make the coat soft and shiny. The bristles and teeth are rounded for added protection.


    • Material: plastic with rubber handle for a better grip
    • Suitable for puppies with a short or medium long coat
    • 3-in-1: bristle brush, pin brush and flea comb
    • The plastic pins untangle knots in the coat without pulling
    • The pins massage the skin and improve the blood circulation
    • The bristles make the coat soft and shiny again
    • The pins and teeth are rounded to protect the skin
  • Goldfish Food – Premium Granulate


    Complete food for goldfish and decorative crucians.


    • Premium quality
    • Granulate
    • Floating


    110g / 250ml

  • Rofas Tug Rope


    This woven fabric dog toy is perfect for water games with your four-legged friend! It floats on water and has an elastic handle for extra playtime fun.


    • Material: woven textile
    • Stays afloat on water and is therefore great for water games with your dog
    • With elastic handle to encourage play
  • Tropical Fish Food – Premium Granulate


    Complete food for all types of tropical fish.


    • Premium quality
    • Granulate
    • Sinking


    110g / 250ml