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  • Filter Cotton – Fine


    Fine fiber. Collects the smallest dirt particles in the water – filter wool (fine) has been developed for universal use. Very suitable for crystal clear water. Rinse in lukewarm water prior to use to guarantee optimum filtration, replace the filter wool every 4-8 weeks. The filter wool (fine) is made from 100% polyester, it is environmentally friendly and seawater proof. Ideal to be used in combination with Flamingo filter wool (medium-fine). Always put coarse filter wool before fine filter wool in the filter to avoid rapid blockage of the fine filter wool by coarse dirt.

  • Gruzo Gravel Neon Pink


    Measurement: 4-7mm.

  • Meadow Hay


    100% natural, tasty meadow hay. The high crude fiber content supports the digestion of rodents and promotes a healthy intestinal flora. That’s why it’s an important part of your pet’s daily diet.

  • Nesting Material – Charpie


    Charpie – 100% natural nesting material for cage and aviary birds. These short pieces of cotton thread are superabsorbent and an ideal nesting material for small cage and aviary birds. This nesting material is organic, safe and clean.

  • Turquoise Gravel


    Measurement: 6-8mm.


    Turquoise / blue gravel.

  • Wood Fibre


    This is a natural floor covering of high quality wood varieties. The wood shaving is dust-free and has a high absorption capacity.