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  • Black Wire Cage


    Ideal for home, training and travel. Recommended by veterinarians, breeders and trainers. Wire construction allows maximum ventilation and visibility. Includes carrying handle and plastic tray. Easily assembled.

  • Daylight Beam – UVA


    This spot contains the microelement neodymium. Its spectrum is close to true daylight and gives the reptiles and amphibians a natural look. The UVA rays stimulate the breeding behaviour and contribute to the well-being of the animals.

  • Desert Fluorescent Lamp UVB


    15W. Gives the pet a high amount of UVB rays (10%) promoting normal functions such as appetite, digestion, reproduction and calcium absorption (UVB rays stimulate vitamin D3 synthesis).

  • Easy LED


    6W. Used for Tortum and Tortum Terra.

  • Grooming Rake


    Medium. Rotating teeth. It’ãs easy to disentangle your dogã’s hair using this grooming rake. Most knots are eliminated without tugging, thanks to its rounded stainless-steel rotating teeth.

  • Helios Ceramic Lamp


    Only gives off heat, not light. Does not disturb your pet’s day and night rhythm. Drives the temperature in the terrarium up by 5-10 degrees. The increased temperature has a beneficial effect on circulation and stimulates the appetite, digestion, metabolism and the animal’s natural behaviour. Always place this lamp above the gauze section of the terrarium, not above the glass section.

  • Infrared Beam


    75W. Does not disturb the day and night rhythm of your pet. The increased temperature stimulates the appetite, digestion, metabolism and the pet’s normal behaviour. In the event of sickness, this lamp can help in recovery. The spot/lamp can be projected downwards and thus create a heat source in a specific spot.

  • Nylon Muzzle


    Nylon material. Available in different sizes.

  • Recovery Suit


    Back length: 26cm. Neck: 20cm. Chest: 32cm. This body suit is specifically made for protection of wounds. Made of cotton for comfort and hygiene. With velcro.

  • Sunlight Beam


    Gives off up to 35% more light and heat. Raises the temperature in the terrarium. The UV-light promotes the natural metabolism and stimulates breeding behaviour. The spot/lamp can be projected downwards and thus creating a heat source in a specific spot.