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  • 5 Senses Ball


    See it. Hear it. Taste it. Smell it. Feel it.


    Beef scented. Hard rubber.


    The colours are the ones that are easiest for a dog to see, makes noise when shaken, tastes and smells like beef, its surface has multiple textures and shapes.

  • 8-Panel Pet Pen


    A sturdy pet pen, consisting of eight panels which can be set up in different shapes.


    • Easy to set up with no tools required
    • Can be set up in the shape of a rectangle, square or octagon
    • Features a door for easy access
    • Folds flat for easy storage or transportation
    • Heavy duty metal frame black finish


    Available in different sizes.

  • Abstract Design Cushion

    • Reversible cushion
    • Cover washable at 30°C
  • Activated Carbon Pads


    Activated Carbon Pads are the ideal option for maximum absorption, while preventing any odour. These are great for house training puppies, for older dogs and for pets with incontinence issues.


    • Instantly absorbs urine into a gel
    • Leak-proof protection
    • Odour control: Carbon technology neutralises odour
    • 5 layers of leak-proof protection


    Includes five layers of leak proof protection:
    1. Polymer tissue
    2. Carbon tissue
    3. Ultra absorbent polymer
    4. Inner cushion layer
    5. Leak-proof liner


    Available in different sizes.

  • Activated Carbon Pads Talco


    The hygienec charcoal mats, scented with talcum, are characterised by an ultra absorbent coating thanks to the charcoal molecules. The special structure helps to speed up the liquid absorption process. They keep dry and clean with excellent odour control. The hygienic mats are excellent when training puppies but ideal for dogs of all ages and for all occasions.


    • With activated carbon

    • Waterproof bottom

    • With tape stripes


    Each packet includes 36 pads.


    Available in different sizes.

  • Air Diffuser – Long


    Available in different sizes.

  • Air Force Green


    This size is ideal for puppies and Chihuahua, among other breeds.

  • Air Force Pink


    This size is ideal for puppies and Chihuahua, among other breeds.

  • Aloe Vera Shampoo


    Moisturising shampoo. Suitable for any type of coat.

  • Ariel


    Available in different colours and sizes.

  • Arizona Padded Collar


    Stylish padded collars, for extra comfort.


    • Material: buffalo leather with cow leather on the inside
    • Filling: EVA ethylene vinyl acetate
    • Features a chromed buckle
    • Oiled leather stitched for extra strength and lined with soft leather