Zeus 70 Second Life


The Zeus 70 is a stable and resistant kennel for dogs, that protects your pet both from rain during cold and humid days as well as from the Summer sun. To ensure maximum comfort in every season, the Zeus kennel is equipped with an adjustable rear ventilation window, a raised bottom with non-slip feet for greater insulation from the ground, a drainage system on the bottom, removable roof for quick and effective cleaning and edge of the access door with anti-backbone reinforcement.


A non-toxic PVC door flap and a cushion are optional extras to complete the kennel.


Second Life products are made from high quality recycled polymers originating from recycled consumer plastic waste and according to European quality management systems that guarantee traceability. Imac’s aim is to reduce emissions and create a greener environment. Second Life Plastic is a winning material in terms of environmental sustainability, not only because it is recyclable but also because it is recycled.


Outer dimensions: 72.2×61.8×62.3cm
Inner dimensions: 58x42x60cm
Door opening dimensions: 20x32cm

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