Pop-Up Treat Toy


This interactive toy is fun and challenging as it provides your dog with a game that is both interactive and stimulating. Your dog needs to push the toy to make the treats pop out. It offers your pet physical and mental stimulation and it also functions as a great boredom breaker toy. This toy is also a good option for slow feeding. Simply fill in the Pop-Up Treat Toy with treats or kibbles (diameter < 18mm), and let the fun begin! No batteries are required.



  1. Twist off the lid to fill with snacks or treats, or fill with snacks directly from the opening in the lid.
  2. Place the lid back on and twist it into place.
  3. The four bottom wheels allow the toy to move, and when your dog pushes the Pop-Up Treat Toy around, the snack or treats will pop out from the opening in the lid.


View video here: Pop-Up Treat Toy Video

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