Lift To Sift


The Lift to Sift Tray is an open cat litter box with a high rim that prevents the spreading of cat litter outside the lavatory. Its design not only looks good, but is also extremely practical. The three-piece structure consists of two drip trays and a sieve insert, ensuring that nothing leaks. It also makes cleaning very easy and comfortable – and all without a shovel or cat toilet bag. The soiled litter is simply poured through the sieve insert into the second drip tray. Dirt remains in the sieve and can be disposed of. The still-clean litter falls through the openings in the sieve insert into the dish deposited underneath and can then be used again. This reduces unnecessary losses and makes the cat litter application much more efficient.


The litter box itself can be easily cleaned too. The premium plastic used ensures that cat owners will enjoy this high quality cat litter for a long time. BPA-free.

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