Integra Sensitive – Lamb & Amaranth 400g

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  • Food allergies
  • Only one source of animal protein: lamb
  • Only one source of plant protein: amaranth
  • Suitable for an exclusion diet
  • High acceptance


Integra Protect Sensitive – Lamb & Amaranth: special diet for dogs with food allergies


Integra Protect Sensitive – Lamb & Amaranth has been specially developed by vets for dogs with food allergies. The two most common symptoms – itching and diarrhoea – can disappear when the dog is fed this special dietary food.


This dietary food is special because it contains only strictly limited sources of protein. Integra Protect Sensitive – Lamb & Amaranth provides dogs with just one animal and one vegetable protein. It is therefore very well accepted by four-legged friends who tolerate lamb and amaranth.


Composition: 58% lamb, 2.5% amaranth, canola oil, minerals.

400 g

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