Halley LED


LED light for water gardening and outdoor uses.


Quick and easy to install, Halley LED will create a cool atmosphere of great pathos, lighting up dark areas in the garden and inside the pond or illuminating the water play of a fountain in the night. Halley LED is perfect to use in combination with Syncra Pond Pumps, it is supplied with a separate base and additional accessories. Suitable for all ponds and fountains.


Designed and produced in Italy.


Top Characteristics:

  • In & out of water LED light
  • Coloured lenses included
  • It can be used with the SYNCRA POND, thanks to the supplied hook that can be fixed to the telescopic tube or attached directly to the case of the filter


Key Features:

  • AC/DC Adaptor and LED Transformer
  • 1 x 3.7W LED light – bright and warm tones
  • Deep beam light
  • Rotating brackets for 360 degrees directionalities
  • Large base for a stable and easy positioning
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