Frontline Tri-Act



Frontline Tri-Act is an external anti-parasitic, which gives your dog excellent protection against fleas and ticks, and a repellent action against sandflies, mosquitoes, horseflies and ticks. One package includes three pipettes, and each pipette has its effect on your dog for four weeks.


It is indicated for the treatment and prevention of fleas and ticks, and where it is necessary, activity repellent (anti-feeding) against sandflies, horseflies and mosquitoes.


Method of administration:

Take the pipette out of its packaging, hold the pipette upright and before splitting the end of the pipette ensure that all contents are within the main part of the pipette. Open the tip of the pipette, and part the coat on the back of the animal at the base of the neck in front of the shoulder blades until the skin is visible. Approach the tip of the pipette close to the skin and squeeze it several times, to completely empty its contents directly on the skin in one spot. Apply only on dry skin, and wait two days after application before bathing your animal.


Frontline Tri-Act can be applied on dogs of eight weeks and over, with the guidelines below:

  • Extra Small: for dogs weighing 2kg to 5kg
  • Small: for dogs weighing 5kg to 10kg
  • Medium: for dogs weighing 10kg to 20kg
  • Large: for dogs weighing 20kg to 40kg
  • Extra Large: for dogs weighing 40kg to 60kg
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