Flea & Tick Stop Spray


Capacity: 800ml.


This spray is best used on materials and places where parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites can hide themselves. It also makes sure your pet does not suffer from external parasites. Without chemical insecticides: the dimethicone action is purely mechanical and relies on the immobilisation of the parasites by blocking their joints. Thanks to the immobilisation, there is no resistance to this treatment. Works at all life stages (eggs, larvae, adult insects).


Directions for use:

Shake before use. Spray should be used on furniture and other surfaces that pets come into contact with and where fleas, ticks and mites can hide: basket, carpet, blanket, cushion, cage, kennel… Spray the objects uniformly until they are slightly moist and let dry. Do not forget to treat hidden corners, folds and crevices. Repeat the application every 2-3 weeks or after wet cleaning of the inconspicuous area, to check for possible staining. Not suitable for use on the animal itself.

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