Easy Cat Second Life


The Easy Cat Second Life is a closed toilet equipped with a retractable handle for easy handling. The tilting door together with the activated carbon filter retain the odors and guarantee a good ventilation and an effective anti-odor action, eliminating the spread of unpleasant odors. In addition, the Easy Cat Second Life toilet has a paddle in a concealed slot, ready for use. This cottage is easy to clean thanks to the side hooks which enable the removal of the lid and to place the practical hygiene bags if necessary.


Second Life products are made from high quality recycled polymers originating from recycled consumer plastic waste and according to European quality management systems that guarantee traceability. Imac’s aim is to reduce emissions and create a greener environment. Second Life Plastic is a winning material in terms of environmental sustainability, not only because it is recyclable but also because it is recycled.


Available in different colours.

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