Double 80


A real skyscraper for your rodent friends, this is the cage for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and ferrets.


Five floors are connected via comfortable ladders to host your pets, thus creating various areas enabling different activities. This cage is composed of a robust base and a metal mesh structure joined by side clips. To easily clean the cage, the upper structure can be unhooked from the bottom thanks to the side clips. Three large openings, two on the side and one on the top will allow you to easily access the cage to insert food or for general maintenance operations.


Connected to the first shelf of the cage through a side door, the cage includes the Sweet Home cottage, offering your rodent even more space for relaxation. The Sweet Home has a sunroof, a removable drawer to keep it clean and a sliding door to separate it from the cage. The Double 80 also includes a Fun Bowl, Feel hay external feeder and Bibber 400 drinking bottle.


Your rodent friends will certainly keep fit thanks to this spacious cage with all the comfort needed.

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