Canicalm Excel


This anti-barking dog collar, Canicalm Excel, was designed by the engineers at Num’axes to offer you a new generation of anti-bark collars, more ergonomic and especially more practical. Contrary to the former generations, all the adjustments of this anti-barking dog collar are made outside of the case. The anti-bark collar, Canicalm Excel, possesses several operating modes with different levels of stimulations that allow you to easily adapt the product to the character and to the sensibility of your dog. This anti-bark collar is also completely secure and suitable for heavy rain. Thanks to this simple and efficient anti-barking collar, you will find calmness and serenity.


Operation – Four operating modes are available so you can adjust the product to your dog:

  • beep sounds only
  • beep sound + light stimulation (sensitive dog)
  • beep sound + progressive stimulation
  • beep sound + strong stimulation (difficult dog)

At the first bark, a beep sound is emitted. If another bark is detected within thirty seconds, a beep sound and a static stimulation are emitted (light, progressive or strong according to the selected operating mode). If your dog stops barking in the duration of thirty seconds, at the next bark, the collar will start its operating cycle from the beginning (beep sound only). The stimulation function can be inhibited selecting “beep sound only” operating mode.



  • External settings
  • Small collar
  • Waterproof


Product features:

  • Triggered by the vibrations of the dog’s vocal cords
  • Adjustable bark detection sensitivity
  • Warning beep sounds and adjustable static stimulations
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Waterproof
  • Battery life: approximately three months



  • Weight: 77g (battery included)
  • Dimensions: 6×3.5. x3.7cm
  • Power: one 3V CR2 Lithium battery (supplied)
  • Washable strap – length 68cm / width 18.5mm. Adjustable for neck sizes from 17cm up to 55cm
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