Benny 80


The Benny 80 is the ideal home for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and ferrets. Beautiful and colourful, this cage will welcome your pet friend offering space, security and tranquility. The depth of the plastic base allows the rodent to dig while avoiding the spreading of the litter. The metal mesh structure is easily hooked to the bottom by two side clips, enabling you to easily carry out daily maintenance. Reaching your pet or inserting food into the cage is made simple thanks to the wide openings located on the front and on the top. The two shelves create the perfect habitat to allow your rodent to eat, play and rest in total safety and with maximum comfort.


The Benny 80 includes the following accessories: Fun Bowl, Feel hay feeder and Bibber 400 drinking bottle. Completing this cosy home is the Sweet Home cottage, connected to the shelf of the cage through the side door, to offer your rodent more space and a bit of privacy. Sweet Home has a sunroof, a removable drawer to keep it clean and a sliding door to separate it from the cage.

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