Benny 100


The Benny 100 is a cage for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and ferrets provide enough space to accommodate more than one rodent. The upper structure in painted wire mesh is designed to offer maximum security to your little friend, thanks also to the large doors equipped with a safety lock. The sturdy plastic bottom is easily separable from the structure by means of comfortable hooks, to carry out a deeper cleaning of the cage. With Benny 100 your rodents will have specific areas for different activities available thanks to the two plastic shelves connected by ladders to the bottom, creating a perfect habitat. With the very useful accessories – Fun Bowl plastic bowl, hay external feeder and Bibber 400 drinking bottle with practical hooking to the net, your pet’s home will have all the comforts for their well-being. Connected to a shelf of the cage through a side door is the Sweet Home – the little house to offer your rodent more space to relax and sleep. Sweet Home has a sunroof, a removable drawer to keep it clean and a closing door to separate it from the cage.

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