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  • Art Sportiv Plus Collar


    Adjustable, with strain-relief. Sturdy nylon material. Chrome-plated fittings.

  • Art Sportiv Plus Harness

    • Continuously adjustable and sturdy nylon material.
    • Chrome-plated fittings.
    • Includes safety-lock.


    Available in different colours and sizes.

  • Art Sportiv Plus Leash


    Sturdy nylon material. Chrome-plated fittings.

  • Art Sportiv Plus Step & Go Harness


    This step & go harness offers a simple and comfortable handling by its ingenious design, making it easy and simple to put on. Adjustable size and sturdy nylon material. Chrome-plated fittings.

  • Ascar Bowl


    Capacity: 160ml


    The cat bowl Ascar is made of stainless steel and is decorated with a cute cat motif. A rubber ring at the bottom of the bowl prevents it from slipping.

  • Ava


    The Ava cage, ideal for canaries, budgies and small exotic birds is a simple, yet beautiful looking cage, thanks to its rounded sloping roof. The chromatic combination of the white painted metal mesh structure and the coloured plastic bottom make this cage pleasing to the eye. For a thorough cleaning, just unhook the bottom thanks to the practical side clips. For a quick and fast cleaning, simply remove the front drawer. The two doors, one on the front and one on the side, allow convenient access to the cage for normal maintenance operations. Completing the Ava cage are the accessories needed to accommodate your bird in the best comfort: two perches, a swing, a Tweety 100 drinking bottle and two Mia feeders, ideal for pouring food without removing them from the cage.

  • Bento Harness


    The Bento Harness is designed for comfort as well as ease of putting it on and off, while being light and comfortable to wear.


    – Material: nylon
    – With a click buckle
    – Adjustable with hook-and-loop fastener
    – Reflective strips
    – Features breathable mesh
    – Includes two rings for strain relief, to reduce the pressure on the lock

  • Cub Blanket


    A soft, beautiful blanket.

  • Cub Harness


    A nylon harness with soft padding ideal for small dogs. Features an adjustable chest measurement.

  • Cub Leash


    A nylon leash with carabiner, matching with the Cub Harness.