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  • Ciottoli Pet Fountain


    The automatic water fountain for cats and small dogs allows your pet to always have fresh water available, and with the flowing water stream, it encourages them to drink more and stay hydrated, with benefits for kidney functions and health in general. The Ciottoli Pet Fountain includes an activate charcoal filter for clean and clear water, while removing odour and unpleasant tastes. It includes a 220V pump with adjustable water flow. Moreover the practical non-slip rubber feet guarantee maximum product stability. Its capacity is of 2 liters and guarantees water that is always oxygenated thanks to re-circulation. It also features a water level indicator, and is very easy to clean as necessary.


    For more safety, view the Ciottoli Pet Fountain – with Transformer.

  • Monte Carlo Cat


    With bell and piece of elastic. Chrome-plated fittings.